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We are here to support your Tarleton Student!

We know sending your kid to college can be bittersweet. Here are some ways Texans for Christ
can serve your student during their time at Tarleton:

Love & Support

We love Tarleton students and are here to support them during their time here, and even as they graduate and take the next step into their future.

Healthy Relationships

Texans for Christ strives to provide an atmosphere of healthy relationships so that your student is surrounded by great friends.



Ministry leaders and adult volunteers share God's wisdom (along with their own) in order to help your student develop a lasting faith that will in turn allow them to navigate life's challenges during college and into adulthood.


Heart for service

We help students see the value of serving and giving, and provide countless opportunities for your student to serve others on the Tarleton campus, in the Stephenville community, and throughout the world.

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